Why You're Here

You've spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars for some company to design your website, or maybe you had a friend design it for free. Chances are that the web design company you paid also charges outrageous fees to maintain your website, or your friend says he'll "get around to it" yet never does. SiteScaper can keep your site up to date when you need it, with hourly rates as low as $20.

Passion For Excellence

With an eye for detail and a respect for the accurate and timely presentation of information, we have been maintaining websites since 1998. Your website is your resume to the world - why not make the best impression? Each maintenance task is reviewed both before and after posting, in multiple browsers, so that we're absolutely positive that it looks its best.

Do It Yourself?

Sure, you could try to learn the ins and outs of website maintenance, but do you really want to spend your time that way?

Trust SiteScaper to do the work and free you up to do what you do best ... run your business. Try it for free today!